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Peter Gerlach
Prof. Dr.
Peter Gerlach
  Publications 1965-2010
  Theory of Proportions
  Theory of Physiognomics
  Physiognomics 1474 to 1979 in Europe. Illustrations, Comments, and Bibliography
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  Modern Art in the Rheinland
  On Artists
  Art Exhibitions and Reviews
  Arbeitskreis Moderne im Rheinland
  On Art Associations
  Special Publications
  Afterlive of antique statues
  On Comics and Caricature
  Theory of the Fine Arts

"Sir Ernst H. Gombrich zum 80. Geburtstag."

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Gerlach 2004, S. 17 Gerlach 2004, S. 18


In: Arch+. Zeitschrift für Architektur und Städtebau, Heft 89, Aachen 1989, S. 17 - 18.
© by P. Gerlach 10.03.1989

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